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There is love in the world, selfless and warm
She is mother love!
Mother loves like a beautiful landscape photo, natural and clear
Mother's love is also like a song, gentle and affectionate
Mother's love is a part of life, can feel and accompany

Because of the name mother
She faded her tenderness and put away her willfulness
In a porridge, rice, rice, oil, and salt
Propped up the whole family

Mother's love whispers, Runwu is silent
Warm the heart in the most subtlety

Warm May is coming
Annual mother's day
Are you ready to confess?
Love has to be spoken, thanksgiving does not wait
See you!

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May 8-May 21, 2020

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A confession to your mother, or a text describing the most memorable and moving moment between you and your mother, or a photo with your mother, or a beautiful photo of your mother when she was young ...

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